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Glass feature wall refurbishment

GR were tasked to remove and refurbish this extensive high level internal glass feature wall.

The opaque toughened oversized panels were fixed into position utilising a hook and pin mounting system.

GR removed carefully and in a controlled operation every single large glass panel working around and above this very vibrant and busy atrium/thoroughfare.

After the glass panels had been removed,  extensive re-engineering works were undertaken to the secondary bracketry by the GR High Level Commercial Glazing Team supported by our in house Structural Engineering Department.

Finally the large opaque panels were placed back into position, secured and cleaned down and handed over to yet another satisfied and happy GR Client.

Delivery was achieved with a combination of mechanical access in the form of specialist spider platforms, the introduction of a new fall arrest internal wired system installed and commissioned by the GR Abseil Department and pneumatic suction lifters and electric winches.

Also deployed was the innovative in house designed GR secondary lifting system – playing its part in keeping our Clients staff and visitors below safe and secure at all times.

The GR Traffic and Pedestrian Team,  dealt with all the required road permits and closures for delivery of the mechanical access machines and materials,  whilst also providing protective weight spreading boarding to the atrium flooring below and all the required pedestrian re-routing, cordoning and of course safety signage.

In addition to we had to call upon the GR Design and Build Department to temporarily attend site and remove an existing glazed entrance package, removal required for access purposes and the same Team returned upon Project Completion to re-commission the entrance and associated doors.

In summary a high level difficult access operation undertaken successfully and within the Client led program of 5 – weeks.  Well done to the various GR Commercial Teams,  who once again proved their ability to pull together as one big team when needed and for delivering professionally and safely all the associated engineering, access and design challenges this unique project threw at them along the way.

The short video below shows the very last opaque toughened panel being re-fitted, this final panel being located right at the very top of the atrium and at the very limit of our access machines limitations.

Truly a job well done by the ever evolving GR Commercial Glazing Machine.

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